My Half Sleeve

So outside of some touch up work to the dragon since these were taken, here’s my half sleeve.

Beer Run

It took me some time, but I’ve finally got around to plotting one of my favorite riding routes. It’s called Beer Run for two reasons. Hubs calls it that because we pass by Coors Brewery, however, for me, it’s because sometimes we’ll stop by Applejack Liquors. They have a really good wine selection and good prices, but they’re a bit of a drive so have to make it worthwhile.

Please note that Google keeps doing some strange things to the route after I save it, so repeated fixing may have caused some other issues. Starting point is at Jewel & Garrison. Take Garrison down to Morrison. Ride back is from Morrison up to Jewel. You don’t go down Kipling Pkwy or St nor Wadsworth. After all, what fun are any of those? Nor do you go through all of the neighborhood streets which Google also keeps trying to do.

View Beer Run in a larger map

Mirror and Turn Signal Swap

Tail Light Swap

The Original View From the Rear

The Original View From the Side

Dismantling Half the Bike - Rear View

Dismantling Half the Bike - Side View

New Rear View

New View - Side